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Membership / How to Join Oradell Republican Club


For information about membership, please contact:

Or mail your contact information to:
Oradell Republican Club
P.O. Box 402oradell republican club membership brochure
Oradell, NJ 07649

Who We Are & What We Do

We promote the principles and objectives of the Republican party for the purpose of nominating and electing Republican candidates to office.  We are a diverse group of individuals who answer only to the citizens of Oradell.

Oradell Republican Club 2017 Officers

The Oradell Republican Club 2017 Officers:

  • President: Steve Carnevale
  • Vice President-Membership: Eric Shuler
  • Vice President- Communications: John Samuel
  • Recording Secretary: Ken Monaco
  • Treasurer: Joe Carnevale

Why Join?

  • Guest speakers at monthly meetings.
  • Republican Council members provide updates and an opportunity to discuss town issues one-on-one.
  • Find out about upcoming local, county and state campaigns.
  • Learn about and have a say in Borough politics before it gets to the polls.
  • Access our website for updates and links to government information and local, county and state representatives.
  • Family fun events and cottage parties
  • Annual Blauvelt Museum Social/Fundraiser