Yudin Wins the BCRO Chairmanship Again

By Max Pizarro
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yudin_cardinale_11-1-091HACKENSACK – Bob Yudin won the chairmanship of the Bergen County Republican Organization tonight.

He defeated challenger Anthony Rottino in a runoff election to gain another four-year term.

438 votes for Yudin; 315 votes for Rottino.

“I look forward to making a tremendous amount of progress in the coming months,” Yudin said. “We have to close ranks. We have to win in November. What’s most important is to get past the rancor and to move forward as one.

“It is important for our Republican family to start treating one another with respect. It’s important for us to have values.”

Obviously energized in vanquishing enemies that go back to the era of the previous chairman, he acknowledged his old friend, state Sen. Gerald Cardinale, (R-39), Demarest, who staunchly backed him during this intraparty feud.

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