Republican County Committee

The job of a Republican Committeeperson is an extremely important one. They represent their registered Republican neighbors and are the liaison between the County Republican Committee and the voters in their district. To many people THE COMMITTEEPERSON IS THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, since they are the first and most accessible contact, and often the only link between the Party and the people.

Everything done as a Republican Committeeperson leads toward accomplishing the Oradell County Committee’s primary goal – electing qualified Republicans to office. The Committeeperson is active throughout the year, interacting with the voters and working to elect qualified Republicans to office – responsibilities do not just occur on Election Day.

Current County Committee Members:

  • Municipal Chairman – Mike Gardner
  • District 1 – Rita Walker and Tom Belthoff
  • District 2 – Barbara Dabrowski and Eric Shuler
  • District 3 – Tommy Belthoff and James Crismale
  • District 4 – Melinda Tabone-Rabbia and Councilman Jon Kern
  • District 5 – Pam Talarico and Guy Talarico
  • District 6 – Laura Lombra and Councilman Steve Carnevale