Oradell Mayor and Council Representatives

Councilman Jon Kern

  • Elected to the Oradell Borough Council in 2020
  • Current term runs until 12/31/23

Current Council Responsibilities

  • Chairman of the Technology & Communications Committee
  • Member of the DPW and Finance Committees
  • Council liaison to the Zoning Board, Board of Health and Environmental/Beautification and OPTV Committees

My wife, Dr. Sonia Belliappa and I moved to Oradell in 2018. From the beginning, we have enjoyed the warm welcome and support of our fellow residents and feel that now is the time to become more involved in contributing to the ongoing success of this wonderful community. I am a former Brooklynite, and a graduate of the City University of New York with a Bachelor’s degree in Government and a Minor in Economics. I am now in the process of continuing my education by pursuing an MBA from Rutgers University. My professional experience is within the financial services sector in the area of financial analysis management. I am currently working at General Motors Financial Services, where I have had the opportunity to develop critical leadership skills, along with an expertise in negotiations. Community service and involvement in charitable organizations is an important part of my life, including being a strong supporter of local animal refuge clinics.

As Councilman, my initial focus will include the following:

  • To exercise the highest level of financial discipline and fiscal management to ensure our municipal tax dollars are being spent efficiently and in the right way
  • Examining ways to generate new sources of revenue in order to better manage the tax obligations of residential homeowners (e.g. smart and well-planned commercial development)
  • Thoughtful planning to establish a roadmap for the long-term stability and affordability of our community
  • Expanded partnership with the school boards to support their efforts in providing a high-quality education for our youth while also examining ways to gain financial savings through shared services, etc.
  • Ongoing improvements to the overall quality of life for our residents and businesses while also ensuring the highest level of safety and security across the community

Oradell has a unique and wonderful historic past and my ultimate goal is to contribute to the long-term prosperity of its future. With that objective in mind, you have my commitment to always be listening and understanding the needs of my fellow residents and the community at large.

Thank you.